Role of Entrepreneurship in improving today’s world

According to a recent study report of the World Bank, around 52 million people all over the world have been pushed into extreme poverty, who are surviving on less than just USD$1.50 per day. In 2010, approximately 915 million people went hungry all over the world with scarcity being the primary cause of hunger. In another study conducted by International Labor Organization, it has come out that last year around 70 millions youths were unemployed.

Now, the matter on which we should give a thought that all these are happening at a time when the world is at its peak position in terms of cross-border connectivity and innovation, creativity, fund raising efforts and wealth creation are apparently all at their pinnacles.
Just think, being global citizens we have never been in a better position to reduce environmental, social, and economic problems around us. So why then is the exact reverse taking place?

Experts say that entrepreneurship has a very important role to play in today’s world. Here, they don’t mean entrepreneurship in the sense of a process of initiating a ground-breaking start-up only, but rather a set of life skills as well. We believe the passion for entrepreneurship should go deeper than all of that to serve its true purpose and after all, to help us create a better world.

For a better world, entrepreneurship is all about 3 key aspects – skills, values and platforms. Entrepreneurial education will nurture today’s youths with entrepreneurial values such as integrity, perseverance, innovation, passion and social responsibility. Such values, when embedded into their hearts and spirits, will nurture an entire generation that will be passionate about sharing, giving and succeeding.

It will enable the modern youths to overcome barriers, deal with failures, spot different opportunities and become survivors. They will become a generation that will be more capable to create solutions, rather than spending foul time with problems. And most importantly, they will be a generation that will ask “how can I make this possible” rather than finding the reasons for “why this is impossible".