Would you like to purchase a really classy top end electric guitar but don't wish to waste your hard earned money without having done some proper research first. For those who have, say, £2000 (that's about $4,000) to invest you can virtually have any get you noticed like. A custom made by hand model might be provided with this type of budget.

Generally you will find a couple of things to keep in mind - bodily proportions and neck size.

Jake Wand says, the 3 body dimensions to think about would be the 000 size (smallish) the dreadnought size, (standard searching acoustic) and jumbo (large). Broadly speaking the bigger your body the much deeper (or bigger the seem) although selection of forest for that top (in which the soundhole is) and also the back and sides is also a large variable here.

The option is lower as to the sounds good for you but when you finger pick consider using a cedar plank (red color) top that will provide a slightly much softer seem with increased mid. Many strummers select a brighten (light colored) top which could provide a punchier, harder seem. The wood for that back and sides includes a bearing too. Many exotic forests may be used however the classic option is rosewood, mahogany and ebenholzfarben.

Another size consideration is fingerboard width and neck size, Jake Wand says. Neck dimensions are personal preference. Although I've more compact hands I favor a heavier neck but when you've small fingers and hands you may prefer a narrower fingerboard width. Just make sure that it isn't they cannot easily play guitar chords with.

Spend some time selecting and play as numerous models as possible before making the decision. I'd go somewhere like Denmark Street working in London or Guitar Center in America where they've lots of guitars try. Spend some time and do not create a snap decision.

So far as brands are worried they are my ideas.

Taylor - all purchases super easy to experience, Jake Wand opines. Try their T5 too the industry hybrid acoustic electric that is especially simple to play especially if your mainly likely to be playing via a PA system.

A friend visited Brook guitars in Devon and was very satisfied. They or any decent custom maker should talk you thru body and wood options versus. seem variations. It will require some time to construct but when you select right can last an eternity.
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